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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Are they easy to put in and remove?


A.  All our products come with easy to follow instructions, if you have worn contact lenses before they are just the same.  If it is your first time it may take a couple of attempts to put them in but you will soon get the hang of them!


Q. Is there a minimum age for using these Funky Cosmetic Eye Accessories?


A.  There is no law stating a minimum age, Funky Cosmetics who manufacture them recommend the products for ages 16 and over.


Q.  I wear glasses, can I use them?


A.  As they are not designed to change your vision, there is no reason you cannot wear glasses at the same time.


Q I wear contact lenses, can I put these over the top.


A.  Absolutely not!


We strongly advise you follow the care instructions closely, and pay special attention to maintaining good hygiene when handling these eye accessories.  We send out a guide to using and caring for your lenses with each order.



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